Thank you so much for your caring and support this year.  You truly represent not only a healing but nurturing way of practicing medicine that has been sorely missing in our society for some time now.  In this day  and ageit is extraordinary to know that there are two people to remind me   when I forget myself that I need attention and that I matter too.

Again, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Be Well Within,



I was referred to Lori when I was hurting from an accident. She helped me then and from time to time (about nine years ago.) Lori has continued to take care of me on a regular basis. She always treats me and all patients with concern, caring and gives the time neccesary. I already recommend Lori to friends and regularly sing her praises.


Dear Dr. Morris,

I want to thank you for your incredible skills, your soft touch and your patience. When I came to your office I was suffering from a car accident and was not getting better with my previous chiropractor and in fact was experiencing stiff neck problems fron that treatment as well. Bob Holzman who is my massage therapist recommended you and I thank him often.

I am in awe of your skills and the ways you have addresses all of my problems which include my back, neck, feet, various gland issues and all.

I am really grateful that you are able to address each person and connect body, mind and spirit. Having to find a great chiropractor in Ulster County was a challenge until I met you. You have made Sarah and Jesse feel comfortable and have listened and addressed their concerns. You are a very talented chiropractor and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is seeking chiropractic services.


Karen Leider


All I can say is "aah" "ooh "don't stop" "it feels so good." After an adjustment I feel so relaxed and pain free. She makes headaches go away. She loosens up my tight back muscles. A visit with Dr. Lori is spending 10 minutes in heaven!


  • "Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."
  • "Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient."

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